Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random goodies at the Miramar Gourmet Wellcome

Pumpkin Pocky Sticks! These babies are hard to find, but I saw them tonight. Woo hoo! Just in time for Halloween.

And now Gourmet Wellcome is carrying imported sodas...Dr. Pepper, A & W Root Beer, and 7-Up and Diet 7-Up.


Jess said...

Dr. PEPPER???!!!
Where is this Wellcome? In the Neihu Miramar? I don't remember seeing a Wellcome there...You are TOTALLY awesome!!!

D said...

If you miss/love Italian food, the Howard Prince Hotel Taichung is hosting an Italian Showcase. The food is amazingly authentic and sooo tasty. Plus the prices are the same for the entire 11 day event, as the hotel is apparently trying to educate Taiwan consumers on what is truly Italian food! Bring your family, it's actually an easy 50-minute trip on the train to Taichung!