Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peppermint Crunch Andes Mints at OK Mart and Wellcome

Another holiday treat! Get 'em before they're gone!

Red Velvet Cake at Costco

Just in time for Christmas! I bought one today for a Christmas we'll see how it actually tastes. But it looks good.

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Apple" cheesecake and whey protein at Costco

Lactose-free whey protein- NT$1099/ container. (Nearly NT$1000 less than the EAS brand)

This is Costco's new "apple" cheesecake which is basically apple pie filling on top of their regular cheesecake. Pretty simple. But if you've ever taken one of these cheesecakes to a potluck, you know how quickly they disappear. People are crazy about cheesecake here.

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Hershey's candy to indulge in.

I found these fancy little containers of Hershey's chocolate in Carrefour. I really like the milk chocolate balls---and, yes, they're super-creamy. (and only 10 calories case you're a calorie counter. I should be...)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New goodies at Costco

It's baaaack! (at least for a short time) I spotted the Kirkland Organic P.B. in the Neihu Costco yesterday.

Chocolate crepes are now available.

And these cookies look so yummy...perfect for the holidays.

I also noticed that the Starbucks Winter Blend is back.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rare goodies at the Miramar Gourmet Wellcome

Yum... Chive and Onion Cream Cheese.

The Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Grahams are so yummy...much better than I thought they would be.

New goodies at Costco

These mochas are overpriced, so they're not a deal at all..but I'm sure they taste yummy!

String cheese is back!

And I also noticed Diet Green Tea with Citrus...I think this is fairly new, too.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random goodies at the Miramar Gourmet Wellcome

Pumpkin Pocky Sticks! These babies are hard to find, but I saw them tonight. Woo hoo! Just in time for Halloween.

And now Gourmet Wellcome is carrying imported sodas...Dr. Pepper, A & W Root Beer, and 7-Up and Diet 7-Up.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

PB & J Brownies---RECIPE

Need to make a creative dessert? Try a Mommy S. original---
Peanut Butter and Jam Brownies.
I use the brownie mixes from Costco...they're incredibly easy. Here's the recipe:

1 bag brownie mix
3/4 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup jam

1. Mix up the brownies.

2. Pour 2/3 of the batter on the bottom of a greased pan.

3. Soften about 3/4 cup peanut butter in a microwavable bowl. (30 seconds in microwave)

4. Pour softened peanut butter on top of the brownie bottom.

5. Soften about 3/4 cup jam in a microwavable bowl. (30 seconds)

5. Pour softened jam on top of peanut butter.

6. Spread the rest of the brownie batter on top of the jam.

7. Add nuts on top of the brownie batter.

8. I also added caramel syrup because I like my brownies sweet.

9. Bake for about 35 minutes...although each oven bakes differently, so keep checking the brownies to make sure you don't overbake them.

And now for a few pics...

The peanut butter layer.

The jam layer. (Organic strawberry yummy)

More brownie batter on top of the jam.

The finished product.

Good bread.

New at Costco---Honey Wheat Bagels. They're soft. They're delish. My husband loves them.

And if you haven't bought the NT$30 English muffins from I-Mei, you're missing out. They're really tasty and such a great deal.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some (new) Costco goodies.

Tropical Fruit Pie. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm intrigued.

Not sure if this is new or not, but thought it was worthy of a picture. I didn't know that Smucker's made instant lemonade!

Eclairs? Hmmm...they don't look all that great. Has anyone tried them?

Iced tea drink mix.

And here's something that I'm starting to see everywhere now---coconut water. Pure coconut sugar added. I've tried it, and I like it. If you haven't done any reading about the health benefits of coconut oil and other coconut products, then you're missing out on some important stuff. I think coconut is some of the best food on I'm pleased to see that Costco is selling coconut water.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kirkland Organic Strawberry Spread---made WITHOUT high-fructose corn syrup

New at Costco---really yummy Strawberry tastes like the stuff my Mom used to make.

Simple ingredients---fresh organic strawberries, sugar, pectin, citric acid.

The yummy Boysenberry jam you can find at Costco has high-fructose corn syrup in it. So if you're going to buy a jam, buy this one. It's a tad bit "healthier," if you can call jam healthy. It tastes good, though...and I can see myself putting it on top of vanilla ice cream!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New goodies at the Shihjr Costco

Low-calorie Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are available---for a pretty steep price! You can also find Breyers fruit bars.

V-8 Fusion Light---another low-calorie option.

Instant Organic Oatmeal. (does oatmeal really need to be organic?)

Kirkland macaroni and cheese. (15 boxes in one carton) I took this photo of another person's shopping cart.

And we were so excited to see Anderson honey wheat pretzels---straight from Lancaster County, PA. Trust me, these are good.

I'm not even a fan of pretzels, and I really like these.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An "American" sale at A-Mart (formerly known as Geant)

A-Mart is having a sale on so-called American foods until July 13. You can find spaghetti sauce, salsa, salad dressings, Spam, and other various items for sale. The salsa is a pretty good deal.

And Wishbone dressings are down to NT$139 each.
Usually the only reason I shop at A-Mart is to buy peanut butter. This is the kind of peanut butter I buy---I don't even know what it's called, since it's all in Chinese. But one of my Chinese friends had me try it a couple of years ago, and I've been buying it ever since. It's locally made, and it tastes more like a "natural" peanut butter---and it has a nice crunch to it.
You can find this peanut butter near the dairy section at the A-Mart near the Miramar. There's a display with all sorts of things like peanut butter, jam, honey, spaghetti sauce, etc. It's not far from the checkout lanes.

And just for fun...have you tried the "Ice Cream" Oreos yet? They're sorta blueberry-tasting. I don't really like Oreos plain, but I often use them in desserts. (I like to make Oreo pie when I bring back pudding mixes from the States)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Swiss Miss (100 calorie) Fudge Bars and Creamy French Onion Kettle Chips at Costco

These are the real deal. Only 100 calories. Real taste. So perfect for summertime.

And, wow, these chips are tasty. Full of flavor. Get 'em while you can.
And have some sour cream handy for dip. (Sour cream is still only NT$149 for a big container---I think it's Costco's best deal out there. One of these days, I'll post my sour cream coffee cake recipe...for those of you who bake)

Organic virgin coconut oil at RT MART!

Finally! You can find coconut oil somewhere other than an organic store. (The price is the same, though)

If you're skeptical about adding coconut oil to your diet, I challenge you to read up on's one of the best oils (if not THE best) out there...and it has many, many curative properties. (Plus, it tastes good)

Something old, something new at RT Mart (Neihu)

This cheese is really a great deal. (NT$150, I think) I use when I make Mexican food---it works well in enchiladas. And it's a good dip if you pair it with some salsa and sour cream.

RT Mart also sells all kinds of condiments---from malt vinegar to barbecue sauce to mayonnaise.

And now they sell soups---at a very cheap price. Tomato soup is hard to find in Taiwan!! And 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup? Yes, please!

Chicken noodle soup..."spaghetti" in a can...

And this stuff looks a bit healthier---or maybe it's just the "homestyle" on the label. :)
Remember---RT Mart is a great place for other goodies like refried beans...nuts...canned veggies...sauces. I always find good deals there.