Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bacon Cheeseburger at Costco

Has anyone tried the "Bacon Cheese Hamburger" at Costco yet?

New things (for me, anyway) at RT Mart

This is the first time I've seen Diet V8 splash...it's only 10 calories/ serving. (NT$99/ bottle)

RT Mart is carrying at least two different brands of rice cakes now.

And you can also find "light" juices. Snapple is on sale, too...only NT$39/ jar.

More juices. I almost felt like I was in the U.S.

New goodies at Carrefour

This one is just for fun...Hi Wheal Creak Pie, anyone?

I'm sure "immunity blend" veggies are just a marketing ploy, but if frozen veggies are your thing...

And you can also find Sara Lee cheesecakes for (probably) a limited time only.

These look yummy...chocolate cheesecake bites. Nice.