Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New ice cream at EEC Mart (the red Filipino store on Jhongshan...near Florida Bakery)

EEC Mart now has two freezers full of ice cream. Some are more Western flavors, others are typical Filipino flavors. The ice cream pictured above was imported from New Zealand. It's pretty good...I also saw a cookies-n-cream flavor.

And I picked up a small container of the Filipino brand just to try something new.

Every time I go to EEC Mart, I throw a handful of mini candybars in my basket. These can only be bought at Costco---in that HUGE bag for NT$500 or something crazy like that. First of all, I would gain 20 pounds if I bought that huge bag. Secondly, I usually only need one or two of these little mini candybars and I'm good for another 6 weeks. So I buy them individually at EEC Mart (they're in a little basket next to the cashier) for NT$6 a candybar. That's a deal I can't resist.

And remember---EEC Mart also sells cheap spaghetti sauce, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cookies.

Yummy new foods at Costco.

These chips are deadly...you've been warned. They taste really, really good when dipped in sour cream.

I was happy to find spinach-stuffed ravioli. It tastes pretty good, especially with the parmesan cheese topping.