Monday, June 28, 2010

Swiss Miss (100 calorie) Fudge Bars and Creamy French Onion Kettle Chips at Costco

These are the real deal. Only 100 calories. Real taste. So perfect for summertime.

And, wow, these chips are tasty. Full of flavor. Get 'em while you can.
And have some sour cream handy for dip. (Sour cream is still only NT$149 for a big container---I think it's Costco's best deal out there. One of these days, I'll post my sour cream coffee cake recipe...for those of you who bake)

Organic virgin coconut oil at RT MART!

Finally! You can find coconut oil somewhere other than an organic store. (The price is the same, though)

If you're skeptical about adding coconut oil to your diet, I challenge you to read up on's one of the best oils (if not THE best) out there...and it has many, many curative properties. (Plus, it tastes good)

Something old, something new at RT Mart (Neihu)

This cheese is really a great deal. (NT$150, I think) I use when I make Mexican food---it works well in enchiladas. And it's a good dip if you pair it with some salsa and sour cream.

RT Mart also sells all kinds of condiments---from malt vinegar to barbecue sauce to mayonnaise.

And now they sell soups---at a very cheap price. Tomato soup is hard to find in Taiwan!! And 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup? Yes, please!

Chicken noodle soup..."spaghetti" in a can...

And this stuff looks a bit healthier---or maybe it's just the "homestyle" on the label. :)
Remember---RT Mart is a great place for other goodies like refried beans...nuts...canned veggies...sauces. I always find good deals there.