Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Special K cereal and jumbo bags of pretzel M&Ms at Costco

What? Something besides Special K with Strawberries? Nice!

Oh, boy, oh, boy. Pretzel M&Ms are my new love. I almost tossed this huge bag of 'em into my shopping cart tonight, but I'm afraid they wouldn't last more than a few days in my house. But this is a much better deal than buying those individual packs of M&Ms that cost NT$30 each.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Starbucks ice cream at Wellcome

Well, hellooooo, Starbucks ice cream! When did you arrive? You look so yummy...and so expensive. But I guess Starbucks coffee is also expensive, and I think this ice cream would last me longer than a coffee. So I'll be trying your Caramel Macchiato flavor soon! Oh, yes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mini Reeses Cups and other imported chocolates at 7-11

7-11 is having some sort of promotional "world chocolate" event...so they're selling some yummy imported American chocolate right now. I snapped up a container of Reeses mini cups this morning for about NT$60.

And I also decided to try these creamy Dove candies. I love Dove chocolate...and these little milk chocolate balls are really good. Plus, they come in a cool container so you can snap the lid on and save some of them for later. (but who really does that? not me!)

So get the candy while it's hot, because it likely won't last long.