Monday, December 1, 2008

Mayo, oatmeal, mashed taters, aloe vera, and cheap granola bars at RT Mart

The RT Mart import section is still well-stocked. I saw both "real" and "light" mayonnaise there for a good price. (the bottle is very big)

And the instant oatmeal is so cheap! Only NT$69/ box.

They also have instant mashed potatoes, for those of you who prefer the instant ones to the real ones. (I happen to like the instant)

Now, I had to post the NT$39 can of aloe vera, because if you've lived in Taiwan long enough, you've probably ordered a "green tea with aloe" at least once. That is still one of my favorite drinks, and I am now intrigued by the possibilities of making desserts with aloe chunks.

FYI...I have yet to find cheaper Nature Valley granola can get a box of the oats and honey bars for only NT$67! The maple and nut bars are NT$85, which is still a good price.

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