Monday, November 17, 2008

LEECO Outlet sales

I haven't been very impressed with the LEECO outlet yet, but right now they're having big sales in their B1 level. Ralph Lauren clothes are 80% and 90% off, so if you're looking for jeans, sweaters, or nice dress pants, stop by. The clothes are really cheap at the moment.

There's also a big Philips sale going on, and you can find some great appliances (like blenders, hair dryers, hair straighteners, etc.) for a good price. I've got my eye on a nice food processor....

And there are plenty of other things to buy, shoes, workout clothes, etc.

But don't wait too long! The sale ends Nov. 31.

LEECO is located next to the Neihu Costco. Besides the B1 sale floor, there are at least 4 floors with lots of other name brand vendors. This place is always empty, though, so I wonder if anyone actually shops there...

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