Monday, June 30, 2008

Great products at Jason's Marketplace

I'm not sure if these wraps are a new product, but they're worth mentioning. The cheapest tortilla wraps are the bulk ones at Costco, made by Florida Bakery, but these wraps will give you a little variety for an extra NT$60 or so.

Diego's makes an Omega-3 wrap and a reduced carb wrap.

Also, Jason's is selling LARABARS, which are the best-tasting all-natural bar out there. Unfortunately, they're NT$80/ bar, which is far too much for me. But one good thing about Jason's is that they often drastically reduce the price of food that is going to "expire," and I often buy their bars for NT$20 each when they need to get rid of them. For example, I bought a bunch of organic apricot-oat bars today for NT$19/ each. (normally over NT$80/ bar)

Also, Jason's is selling Redi-Whip for NT$69/ box. (each box contains 3 packets of whipped cream powder...definitely a great deal, as it's usually almost NT$300/ box). Redi-Whip is so easy to use...just add cold water, and you have whipped cream!

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