Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More great deals at Carrefour

Did you know that Carrefour carries imported beauty products, as well as food?
I was pleased to find Palmolive Kids' hand soap---the foamy kind---for only NT$95.

You can also find Gerber Grins and Giggles body soap and lotion for babies. (I used to bring this with me in my suitcase from the States!)

And I was soooo glad when Carrefour started carrying Scope---I think it's about NT$130. All of the Chinese mouthwashes I've tried have tasted terrible, so I will pay just about anything for a bottle of Scope.
Now, on to the food:

I am constantly finding cheap imported food at Carrefour, probably because nobody is buying it (except me), and they need to get rid of it!
Anyway, right now, you can find some great deals, including:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix- NT$95

Progresso Soups

Fruit Roll Ups- NT$99

Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix- NT$98

Betty Crocker Pancake Mix- NT$128

Old El Paso Cheese and Salsa Dip- NT$135

O' Organics Soy Milk (on sale)- NT$59

And here's an amazing deal for you---Graham Crackers and "wheat thin" crackers for only NT$19 a box! That's a steal!!!

The Organic baby food is on sale---the carrots, at least---for NT$29/ jar.

And cake mixes are NT$79---they also have French Vanilla, which is hard to find elsewhere. (for such a cheap price!)

And I thought I'd throw in one of the Folgers Cafe Latte mixes...these are also on sale for NT$95/ container.

Trust me, folks...if you look, you'll find cheap imported foods...you just have to be willing to look for those yellow tags that indicate that the item is on sale!!!!!!!

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