Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More deals from ECC (aka, The Filipino Store)

Pepsi Max is here! I haven't seen this soda anywhere else, although it may occasionally show up at Jason's Marketplace. But you won't find it any cheaper than what you'll pay at ECC---only $25/can. This is basically diet Pepsi, but much better tasting than that Pepsi One stuff you can buy at Carrefour.

Only $50/can for some tasty spaghetti sauce---I highly recommend the green pepper mushroom kind.

There are several new green tea drinks called "C2", which stands for Cool and Clean. (?) Anyway, I'm glad it's "clean!" It's also tasty and cheap.

Move over Sunchips. These multigrain snacks taste almost the same, and are about 20% of the price of a bag of Sunchips. I think they're only NT$15/bag. You can't beat it!

Chocolate graham crackers for NT$28.

Decent-tasting and not-too-sweet biscuits that would taste great with a slab of Nutella.

A new kind of fruit cocktail---lychee flavor!

Once again, if you haven't been to ECC, it's on Jhongshan N. Road, and it's a gold mine. (in my opinion)

See earlier posts for directions.

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