Sunday, August 12, 2007

Breakfast foods.

When I spotted chocolate cereal in Carrefour, I knew I had to try it. For NT$119 (give or take a few dollars), you can have a delicious (and nutritious?) treat. This cereal is good without milk, too, and it has yummy chocolate shavings mixed in.

One of my best "finds" has been the English Muffins at I-Mei bakery. These 'NG' (No Good) muffins are reported to be the McDonald's rejects...but you'll have a hard time finding anything wrong with them. At NT$25/ package, they're a steal, and they taste good toasted! I often use them in egg and cheese stratas, and my husband loves them with cream cheese. The only bummer is that they're very "hit and miss." You have to keep checking the store on a regular basis, as they're not always on the shelf.

I was also pleased to find that Jake's Country Kitchen offers egg-white omelets!!

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